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Slayers prompt list for [ profile] springkink:

February 1:

-Slayers, Amelia/Lina: Cunnilingus - You're taking me highter / High as I could be
-Slayers, Naga/Amelia: intoxication, tribadism/scissoring, incest - She looked at Naga with worshipful eyes, reminding her of someone she used to be, of innocent Gracia so long ago. This was as close as she could get to being that person again.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: steampunk Blade Runner fusion - Mazoku-hunter Zel is the best in the business, but he meets his match in the form of a purple-haired trickster in a see-through raincoat and thong.
-Slayers, Zangulus/Martina: damsel in distress - He couldn't just leave her there

February 2:

-Slayers, Lina/Naga: exhibitionism/voyeurism - Naga knew her mastery over golem spells would come in useful, but hadn't expected she'd wind up using them like this.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: forced orgasm - What you build you lay to waste
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: sex after long period without - It had been so long since anyone had wanted to touch him like that.
-Slayers, Zelgadis/Filia: romance/gratitude - She hadn't once even mentioned his appearance, as though it truly didn't matter; around her he felt human for the first time in years.

February 3:

-Slayers, Lina/Sylphiel: hurt/comfort - only she knew how Lina was fealing with Gourry-sama captured
-Slayers, Xellos/Sylphiel: forbidden or taboo - She knew what he was, that it was wrong for a shrine maiden to want a monster, but she found herself drawn to his darkness anyway.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Emotional detachment - You're not a friend, you're just a lover
-Slayers, Xelloss/Zelgadis: underdog, unexpected victory – with his pride out of the way a whole new set of options presented itself
-Slayers, Zelgadis/Rezo: loss of faith - Every betrayal chipped away at his faith until all he had to cling to was shards; "You cut so deep / My belief is gone"

February 4:

-Slayers, Amelia/Lina: massage - She'd meant for it to be innocent, but it didn't turn out that way.
-Slayers, Martina/female!Xellos: touching - She thought that Xellos was just exceptionally good at crossdressing, but she wasn't so sure anymore.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: emotional manipulation - Two could play at this game...
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Secrets/Confessions - Secrets better left unspoken

February 5:

-Crossover: Slayers/Neon Genesis Evangelion, Xellos/Kaworu: polite courtship, sex - You wouldn't mind if I seduced you, would you?
-Slayers, Lina/Gourry: fear of commitment - She wasn't supposed to be afraid of anything, so she just pretended nothing was there
-Slayers, Martina/Lina: Stalking - Following her was almost a compulsive need, and she wanted to find out why
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Dream/Nightmare - Save me from myself
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Music - My guitar gently weeps

February 6:

-Crossover: Star Trek TNG/Slayers, Q/Xellos: competative display of power turned kinky, egos - This was not a creature of his universe.
-Slayers, Martina/Sylphiel: comfort sex - They both loved her, but she loved someone else; at least this way they weren't alone
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: body-painting, messy sex - It was too easy to play pranks on Zelgadis when he was asleep, though this one had ended up much differently than Xellos had expected. How was he to know that was an erogenous zone on the chimera?
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: library sex, books as a turn-on - He hadn't realized just how excited books made the chimera. Now that he knew, well... he had the impression this was going to fulfill one of Zelgadis-san's secret fantasies.
-Slayers, Xelloss/Zelgadis, longing - Do you think of me, do you call my name when you're riding high on your astral plane

February 7:

-Slayers, Gourry/Lina: Object penetration (unusual objects) - Are you sure that's supposed to go there?
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Discomfort during sex - He wasn't sure why he needed a little pain to offset the pleasure
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Rough sex - Struggle
-Slayers, Zelgadis/Lina: accidental soulbonding, reluctant relationship, empathy - They'd touched the artifact at the same time, and the result was something neither of them expected or wanted.

February 8:

-Crossover: Fullmetal Alchemist/Slayers, Ed/Lina: dueling intellects, tempers - “What did you just call me?”
-Slayers, Gioconda/Gourry/Lina: obsession - She had thought that the swordsman was the best of the group, but after seeing that spell she wanted them both.
-Slayers, Lina/Gourry: makeup sex - I know these are dreams of salvage / and dawn is the rescue hour
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Death - Forever, forever you'll stay in my heart
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: nudity, pranks turned kinky - He couldn't believe that the bastard had stolen his clothing.
-Slayers, Zelgadis/Amelia: first times, rough sex - His hair raked at her flesh, and the pebbles in his skin scraped hers raw, but she didn't ever want him to stop.

February 9:

-Slayers, Amelia/Zelgadis: marriage of convenience - Not living the dream, just living the lies
-Slayers, Filia/Val: lust – she was like a mother to him… until he remembered his past; now everything’s a mess
-Slayers, Lina/Sylphiel: triangulation - It took her a while to realize the real reason she was upset that she was attracted to Gourry.
-Slayers, Xellos/Martina: hair pulling - He did have needs, and she was quite willing, if a bit over-enthusiastic at times.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Sadism - The only way he could get pleasure was in causing pain
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: unhealthy relationships, unclear intentions - "I want your love and / I want your revenge / You and me could write a bad romance"
-Slayers, Xelloss/Zelgadis: Dr Who fusion - Xelloss the quirky Time Lord, Zelgadis the latest Companion to accidentally stumble into the TARDIS.

February 10:

-Crossover: Slayers/Fushigi Yuugi, Xellos/Chichiri: staff play - "It's pretty clear that you're not a real priest. At least not what humans consider a priest no da."
-Slayers, Amelia/Sylphiel: teacher/student pairings - She hadn't relaize that learning white magic could be so intense.
-Slayers, Lina/Gourry: taste as an erotic element - It was a feast he hadn't expected to ever have, with Lina's shyness about romance.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Claiming or establishing ownership - It was the best way to protect him
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: intoxication, misery, dub/non-con - It was an opportunity he wasn't going to pass up.

February 11:

-Slayers, Amelia/Zelgadis: hero worship, one-sided - He didn't want to hurt her, but his patience with her crush was starting to wear thin
-Slayers, Gourry/Zelgadis: smiles or laughing - He didn't smile much, and rarely laughed, but Gourry thought he was beautiful when he did.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Emotional themes - In the millenium he'd been around, he'd never seen another source of emotion this rich.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Trust and vows - Your mouth was never one to trust

February 12:

-Slayers, Amelia/Lina: damsel in distress scenarios - If you're so strong then resolve the weakness in me
-Slayers, Miwan/Zelgadis: stalking, romance, hero worship - After the incident in Femille, it had been easy for Miwan to slip out. Finding Zelgadis, on the other hand, wasn't easy at all.
-Slayers, Xellos/Lina: attraction - She was as cloes to chaos as a human could be.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: spoiled/ruined orgasm - Our future was destroyed before we had a chance
-Slayers, Xelloss/Zelgadis: sex for payment – he had absolutely no reason to help them, but he was open for persuasion

February 13:

-Crossover: Slayers/Firefly, Amelia/Inara: AU prostitute/companion - It was, quite possibly, the most embarrassing "mission" Zel'd ever been on as a knight of Seyruun
-Slayers, Xellos/Filia: power-issue death darkfic - Milgasia, at least, had the intelligence to fear him tired of her lack of respect, he decided to break her in all ways
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: hand fetish - It was actually something of a relief that Xellos wore gloves most of the time. If he didn't, there'd be a problem.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: sensation play - It had become a sort of game, to see how much both of them could stand before they came.
-Slayers, Zangulus/Gourry: Sparring - He needed to prove himself worthy.

February 14:

-Crossover, Slayers/Saint Beast, Kirin no Judas/Zelgadis: sexual healing, kissing, touching, desire - The explosion had nearly killed him, and would have if the redhead hadn't kissed him. He only found out later that the explosion had been caused by him and his friend breaking through from another world. Even if he'd caused it, Zel had never wanted anyone so badly.
-Slayers, Ozel/Rezo: master/slave - They assumed that she had been created to guard his jar, but in fact she had been created long before that.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: ear fetish - When he discovered that they were an erogenous zone, he was far too entertained for Zel's comfort.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: UST - I want you so bad, it's driving me mad

February 15:

-Crossover: Fullmetal Alchemist/Slayers, Al/Zelgadis: camaraderie, empathy – he didn’t think he’d ever find someone whose situation was even worse than his
-Crossover: Slayers/Outlaw Star, Aisha Clanclan/Naga: breastplay - The girl was in desperate need of some fashion advice, wearing too much clothing like that, and Naga had always had a thing for cats anyway.
-Slayers, Filia/Milgasia; courting – her fire sparked his interest
-Slayers, Lina/Amelia/Naga - Triangle, sibling rivalry - When she found out that her sister was travelling with Lina, she couldn't stay away any longer.
-Slayers, Xellos/Amelia: masochism, pain as pleasure/pleasure as pain - It wasn't exactly normal for him to enjoy the pain her constant positivity brought him, but once he'd gotten a taste of it, he was addicted.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Blindfolds - Can't stand to look him in the eyes
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Food - You taste good, baby
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: stalking/spying, non-sexual voyeurism as erotic? - despite your lack of pride / you wore your imperfections well / dignified / spend your time alone

February 16:

-Crossover, Slayers/Saint Beast, Xellos/Houou no Luka: bonds (telepathic or empathic, psychic links, mating or soul bonds), self-realization - Xellos wasn't supposed to question his place. He never should have let this rebellious "fallen angel" touch him.
-Crossover: Princess Tutu /Slayers, adult!Fakir /Xelloss: lost – this human’s power was unlike anything he’s ever seen before
-Slayers, Amelia/Lina: vulnerability - Multiply life by the power of two
-Slayers, Lina/Milgasia: touching - Your lust for life fascinates me.
-Slayers, Xellos/Gourry: Patience - It was Xellos, still healing from the encounter with Gaav, who was tasked with being Gourry's caretaker after Hellmaster captured him.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: poisoning, attempted suicide - Though he'd always known there was no cure, he hadn't ever expected him to do something so drastic when confronted with that reality.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: sleepy/unconscious - It was far easier to have sex with him when he wasn't putting up a fight.

February 17:

-Crossover: S.Cry.ed/Slayers, Ryuho/Zelgadis: fascination, touching - He'd never seen an Alter who could keep his form like this.
-Slayers, Filia/Val: pedophilia/power-switch - She had found his power incredibly attractive, but somehow his new vulnerability was even more irresistible.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: failed seduction, lust - It probably would have been easier to kill him than seduce him, but the challenge was part of what interested him.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: torture (erotic or non-erotic) - You can see the pain in me / The pain you created in me

February 18:

-Crossover: Slayers/Yu Yu Hakusho, Xellos/Hiei: cuddling/spooning - It was odd to want to be this close to someone, to indulge in physical intimacy that wasn't sex, but Hiei had that effect on him.
-Slayers - Xellos and Zelgadis - One of them gets bit by a vampire, and it is up to the other to cast spells, etc to cure them, the cures should be sexual, of course.
-Slayers, Filia/Gourry: hair fetish - His hair was luxuriously long, but it needed some TLC. With the way it sparkled in the sunlight, she couldn't help herself.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: voyeurism - It was hard to look and not touch.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: watching someone sleep, morning wake-up sex - I must be dreaming when I'm sitting here
-Slayers, Xelloss/Zelgadis: jealousy – “Get your grubby hands off my property!”

February 19:

-Slayers, Filia/Valgaav: AU- death is averted, hurt/comfort – he couldn’t figure out if it was guilt, duty or something completely different that kept her at his side, he was just grateful for the company
-Slayers, Gourry/Zelgadis: cabinfic, hypothermia recovery - I didn't know stone could be that warm
-Slayers, Lina/Gourry/Zelgadis: sex affirming life - Later, maybe, she would question the wisdom of having sex with them so impulsively, but after defeating Shabranigdu so narrowly she didn't care about potential consequences.
-Slayers, Lina/Sylphiel: love at first sight, wanting - She was beautiful, and Lina wasn't so much afraid that she'd lose Gourry to her, as she'd lose her to Gourry.
-Slayers, Val/Filia: gunplay - He remembered everything, including how much he wanted her. And, well, Jillas kept all of his guns so very handy...
-Slayers, Xel/Zel: angst, losing control - Zelgadis goes into berserker mode, no one knows why since Rezo is long gone, but Xelloss is the only one who can get through to him.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: magical spell - The thin line between love and hate
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Sex outdoors/outside - semi-public humiliation

February 20:

-Crossover: Avatar the Last Airbender/Slayers, adult!Toph/Zelgadis: touching – she thought she learned everything there is to know about her element; this time she was happy to be proven wrong
-Slayers, Amelia/Lina: insanity - A magic made for tragic minds
-Slayers, Amelia/Pokota: ill-fated love - She was a princess, he was a prince--it seemed as though fate had made their paths cross, but in reality fate had other things in mind...
-Slayers, Ozel/Lina: pampering - She took care of all of her masters' needs.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Asphyxiation - Surrender
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: begging - "Stop teasing, you bastard!"

February 21:

-Slayers, Lina/Gourry: female ejaculation - "Wow, I didn't know that could happen!"
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Ends - In the end the secret's not worth keeping
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: magical spell deathfic - No kiss that can break the spell, I'm falling asleep

February 22:

-Crossover: Slayers/Lost Universe, Lina Inverse/Kane Blueriver: obsession, stalking - She said it was just about the sword, but there was something in her voice that said otherwise.
-Slayers, Amelia/Gourry: protectiveness - During TRY when they're separated from the group, Gourry discovers just how hard it is to be Amelia's protector.
-Slayers, Phibrizo/Xellos: fear - Though his injuries were substantial, Xellos was grateful to Gaav for giving him an excuse to get away from Hellmaster.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: bodily secretions - He found it a little distasteful at first, but then he couldn't get enough of it.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: hurt/comfort as abuse - He wished it mattered to Xellos beyond his own pleasure in Zelgadis' pain.

February 23:

-Slayers, Filia/Milgasia: call of the wild – she should have known better than to deny her nature
-Slayers, Lina/Zelgadis: driven or obsessed - She worried that eventually the disappointment would destroy him.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: mythological, temptation and damnation - Zelgadis was willing to do anthing for the knowledge he was seeking, even sell his soul.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: sensory deprivation - Feel everything I am doing to you, without distraction.

February 24:

-Slayers, Eris/Ozel: triangle, angry/jealous sex - Why did he create her when he had me right here?
-Slayers, Filia/Amelia: magical spells - She didn't know holy magic could be such a turn-on
-Slayers, Gourry/Zelgadis: Swords and sword-play - He wasn't as invulnerable as he liked to think.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: lust spell, fuck or die, dub-con - He knew that Xellos had saved his life, that if he hadn't had sex with him Zel'd be dead, but he felt violated and didn't want anyone to see him like this. Pushing him away was the only way he could feel in control of anything.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: unrequited love - You want me to be something / Something I could never be
-Slayers, Xelloss/Zelgadis: angst, secrets - It hadn't mattered at the time, but now Xelloss didn't want Zelgadis to know that it wasn't Shabranigdo who coaxed Rezo to turn Zelgadis into a chimera - it was him.

February 25:

-Crossover: Slayers/Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama/Zelgadis: seduction, angst - The chimera was unique and pretty, and Kurama was used to stealing things like that.
-Slayers, female!Xelloss/Zelgadis: genderswap – “Well this is different!”
-Slayers, Filia/Lina: heroic gestures, angst - She found her floating unconscious after the summoning of Darkstar, but she couldn't do anything beyond bring her to safety; she didn't think she could control her feelings.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: rejection/end of relationship - I turn away from what you are, denying all that you have given; Zel reacts to discovering that his lover is a Mazoku

February 26:

-Slayers, L-sama/Lina: loss of control - A sea of doubt beneath her own
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: casual sex, hatesex - He hated Xellos, but at least the sex was good.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: infatuation - It was forbidden, but it wasn't something Xellos could control anymore.
-Slayers, Xelloss/Zelgadis: unexpected kindness, gifts - he knew Xelloss meant well, really, just like a cat offering its owner a nice, dead mouse.

February 27:

-Crossover: Slayers/Pandora Hearts, Zelgadis/Liam: lust for books turned physical, library sex - between the stacks
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: sex through clothing, sex in a snowdrift - It was more challenging like this, but Zel had refused to remove it because of the cold, and Xellos wasn't interested in waiting.
-Slayers, Xelloss/Zelgadis: tenderness, after a close call – the thought of losing him was strangely disturbing
-Slayers, Zelas/Lina: conditioning - Not even Xellos knew why she included Lina in her plans so often

February 28:

-Slayers, Amelia/Lina: Fisting - Constant craving
-Slayers, Lina/Zelgadis: Amnesia - Now he knew her only as the person who had killed his beloved grandfather.
-Slayers, Luna/Lina: abuse/incest/power issues - She didn't tell anyone the real reason she left Zephilia
-Slayers, Rezo/Zelgadis: master/servant, willingness to please - Before the curse, Zelgadis would have done anything to please his grandfather, and did.
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: AU, modern world - Partners in crime, "Why can't anything ever turn out the way we planned it?" "Oh, but that would be boring!"
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: falling - You're always speaking out, falling far behind, falling out of line
-Slayers, Xellos/Zelgadis: Possession - The sun will set for you
-Slayers, Xelloss/Zelgadis: Sadomasochism - Suffering was the only thing made me feel I was alive/thought that's just how much it cost to survive in this world

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