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To the idiot who messaged me anonymously,

What the hell was the point of that image? Seriously, is the idea that a friend of mine might *gasp* not read all my posts because he has a life supposed to upset me? And I'm supposed to be upset with this friend based on a screencap from a coward who doesn't even have the balls to bitch non-anon? Act like a fucking adult and grow a pair.

No, see, the thing that upsets me is that a stupid wanker decided to attack a friend of mine under the guise of "concern" when in reality it's clearly just an attempt to cause drama and hurt my friend. The only people who would consider this drama worth mentioning are people who are still mentally in elementary school. Srsly. This isn't even close to something that should upset anyone. OMG life doesn't revolve around you. Did you not learn that in the early years of your life?

This may come as news to some folks, but I realize that THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND ME, and thus I do not expect people to read every single thing that I post here. If I post something that you honestly don't give a tit about, I don't expect you to read it. Just as when I'm reading my flist and come across something that doesn't really interest me or apply to me, I don't read it. Because while I care about my friends, I don't have the time or energy to read every single post that all of them make.

So this whole bullshit attempt to slam my friend? Backfired. Because not only do I not give a shit, but I actually have empathy for my friend, not you--to the point where I invite you to defriend me if you have a problem with me doing the exact same thing that my friend supposedly does.

Please go wank elsewhere. You got your pathetic spooge all over my flist and it does not make me happy.

No love,


Note to the rest of my flist:

Those of you who don't know what I'm talking about are better off. Some drama whore decided to try to alienate a friend by making it seem like he ignores his friends. Fuck that shit. It's not even GOOD drama. It's the kind of thing a six year old would be upset about.
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This is a public entry, but don't expect many. Backdated for my convenience.
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