Jan. 28th, 2010

rosethorne: (fuck you spider jerusalem)
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I'd certainly vote for him again; our alternatives were a former moderate turned panderer and a woman who's so stupid she can't even name a Founding Father without prompting. Honestly wish he was less business as usual and more of the "change" he ran under. So far, it's just another politician in office, though thankfully one of the better-spoken ones we've had in a while.

I am sick of him kowtowing to the conservatives. They don't like him, never have and never will, and aren't going to support anything of his. So fuck 'em. They've never wanted bipartisan compromise, just their way or the highway. Time to give them the highway.

Instead of bailing out the banks, he should've been bailing out the people the banks fucked over. It's obvious that trickle-down economics doesn't work, and given how the banks still haven't stopped being dicks, I'd say the bailout was a failure. Once they finish charging us to pay us back, they'll go back to their habits.

At the same time, he inherited a mess that's been building up and festering for decades. That won't get undone in a year.

I didn't watch the SotU address (I was in class), but I'm not thrilled with what I've heard of it. He needs to stop catering to idiots and start pushing shit to get done. He ran on change. We elected him on change, and he needs to start delivering.

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