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Yu Yu Hakusho prompts for [ profile] springkink:

February 1:

-Crossover: Black Cat/Yu Yu Hakusho, Train/Hiei: pranks turned kinky - He'd come across him sleeping in a tree like a cat and couldn't help himself.

February 2:

-Yu Yu Hakusho- Yusuke + Keiko, Yusuke + Kurama, Yusuke/Keiko/Kurama, resolving sexual tension, double penetration- She figured this would be the best solution for everyone involved.

February 4:

-Yu Yu Hakusho- Sensui/Hagiri, sex on a motorcycle, handcuffs- "I expected you to love hot metal between your thighs."

February 5:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, Botan/Yukina: finger-fucking - Hiei was DEFINITELY going to kill her for this.

February 6:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, Sensui/Itsuki: bad boy attraction - Look at him / Look at me / That boy is bad / And honestly / He's a wolf in disguise / But I can't stop staring in those evil eyes

February 9:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, Keiko/Shizuru/Botan: breastplay - She'd always wondered how it would feel.

February 10:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, Sensui/Itsuki: dysfunctional relationship - I want your love and I want your revenge / You and me could write a bad romance

February 13:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, Hiei/Yukina: Incest, angst- Yukina had fallen in love and Hiei could not find the strength to tell her who he really was.

February 14:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, Shizuru/Mukuro: smoking, kissing - Even the tobacco on her breath tasted alien, exotic, entoxicating. She wanted more, even as it overwhelmed her senses.

February 15:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, Yuusuke/Koenma: candle play - "Are you sure that's the right kind of candle?"

February 17:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, Young!Genkai/Botan: near death experience, love - She'd been young when she'd first met Botan, and it had changed her life.
-Yu Yu Hakusho, Yuusuke/Koenma: first times, secrecy, sex in strange places - It wasn't easy keeping it a secret, but they both wanted each other so badly that they almost didn't care who knew. Almost.

February 18:

-Crossover: Slayers/Yu Yu Hakusho, Xellos/Hiei: cuddling/spooning - It was odd to want to be this close to someone, to indulge in physical intimacy that wasn't sex, but Hiei had that effect on him.
-Yu Yu Hakusho, Hiei/Kurama: keeping distance, UST, vulnerability - I wanna kiss you / But if I do then I might miss you, babe

February 19:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, former Koenma/Sensui, Koenma+Yuusuke, Yuusuke/Hiei: obsession, angst, longing, guilt - It was Itsuki who had ruined him, taken him away. He'd known, even when Kurama manipulated him into doing it, that putting Hiei on the team would take Yuusuke away from him, too.

February 22:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama/Hiei: mind control, rape - There was one thing about Jagans that very few people knew; where there was a way to look out psychically, there was always a way in.

February 23:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, Botan/Yukina: anal, strap-on - She hadn't expected this from the shy little Koorime.

February 24:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, Sensui/Itsuki: rough sex - You've got me wondering why I / I like it rough I / I like it rough I / I like it rough

February 25:

-Crossover: Slayers/Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama/Zelgadis: seduction, angst - The chimera was unique and pretty, and Kurama was used to stealing things like that.
-Yu Yu Hakusho, Koenma/Yuusuke: foot fetish - He knew exactly how to turn Koenma on, and he'd gotten these boots with exactly this in mind.
-Yu Yu Hakusho, Shizuru/Botan: longing, regret, last times, sex between spiritual beings - Hinageshi had received the order, but Botan was glad she'd passed it to her. It was painful, since their time together had been so short, but Botan owed it to her to be the one to take her to Reikai.

February 28:

-Yu Yu Hakusho, Genkai/Shizuru: age difference, secret relationship, smoking after sex - It had started when Genkai had bummed a cigarette off of her, and when their hands touched it was like electricity had run through both of them. The others would never understand, would think them perverts, but they were happy together.
-Yu Yu Hakusho, Sensui/Itsuki: instability, sex as a stabilizing factor - Sometimes it felt as though his mind was so fragmented that he was only himself, the boy Itsuki had been drawn to, during sex.

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Lady Gaga song lyrics make awesome prompts. Have you listened to any of the ones whose lyrics are prompts?

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Yeah. I love Lady Gaga. ^^

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HOLY SHIT these are awesome!

Yhaun's going to be ALL OVER the 25th!

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Heh! I know, right!

Any you're going to grab?

BTW, feel free to link this and [ profile] springkink to any and all YYH comms. ^^

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Shizuru/Mukuro is MINE. 8D