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Pandora Hearts prompts for [ profile] springkink:

February 7:

-Pandora Hearts, Break/Gil: hurt/comfort - He only did it because the crying irritated him.

February 8:

-Pandora Hearts, Break/Liam: foodsex - The sweet taste mixed with the salt of his sweat made his taste buds tingle like even they were aroused.
-Pandora Hearts, Oz/Gilbert: sensory overload or enhancement - blindfold

February 11:

-Pandora Hearts, Break/Liam: masks, personality - It was like night and day, how he had gone from the bitter person he was to the joking trickster, but Liam knew that other side of him. He could sense it under the surface, threatening everything.

February 14:

-Pandora Hearts, Leo/Elliot: casual nudity - You have only so much self-control.

February 15:

-Pandora Hearts, Break/Liam: domesticity - sometimes they could even pretend they just had ordinary lives.

February 16:

-Pandora Hearts, Break/Liam: oral fixation, teasing - it wasn't so much the cake-stealing that got Liam all flustered as the plate-licking, because that reminded him of certain other kinds of licking that Break did so well.

February 17:

-Pandora Hearts, Break/Liam: bondage play - The best part of it was being at his mercy.

February 19:

-Pandora Hearts, Liam/Break: Aristocracy (aristocratic behaviors, characteristics, and/or identity; aristocrat pairings with houseboys, stable-boys, or secretaries) - "As the son of an Earl, I outrank you, you know." "Yes, and I've been waiting for you to notice that!"

February 21:

-Pandora Hearts, Break/Liam: angst, loss, grief - Things don't turn out so well for Liam after all... And Break has to pick up the pieces after yet another loss.
-Pandora Hearts, Leo/Elliot: sharing a room - It had been a fun idea, and then (too late) you paused to think about.

February 22:

-Pandora Hearts, Alice/Gil: food sex/food fetish - He realized that he liked indulging her insatiable appetite

February 25:

-Pandora Hearts, Break/Liam: sexual pranks - He did it to see that adorable little flustered expression on his face.

February 27:

-Crossover: Slayers/Pandora Hearts, Zelgadis/Liam: lust for books turned physical, library sex - between the stacks

February 28:

-Pandora Hearts, Vincent/Gil: unrequited love, masturbation - your brittle bones and yearning heart
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