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Star Trek prompts for [ profile] springkink:

February 1:

-Star Trek IX, Spock/Kirk: UST, sexual frustration - He was terribly glad he had his Vulcan control; he'd nearly told Kirk something that was unwise after the shoulder-slap.
-Star Trek: Voyager, Tom/Harry: cohabitation, friends with benefits, budding emotions - It had just kind of... happened. The first time, anyway. Neither of them could explain why they kept having sex.

February 3:

-Star Trek XI/TOS, Sulu/Chekov: sex on the bridge - It wasn't even the strangest place they'd had sex. Sometimes it felt like Sulu was trying to mark the entire ship!

February 4:

-Star Trek Reboot, Sulu/Chekov: Geisha!Chekov - You make me hard when I'm all soft inside / I see the truth when I'm all stupid-eyed

February 6:

-Crossover: Star Trek TNG/Slayers, Q/Xellos: competative display of power turned kinky, egos - This was not a creature of his universe.
-Star Trek IX/TOS, Sulu/Chekov: post-rescue sex - He'd expected that he'd wind up as a pancake on Vulcan, with the Academy prima donna in his arms. He should've known his genius lover wouldn't let that happen.
-Star Trek, Q/Picard: anticipation - I know every thought you’re going to think before you think it

February 8:

-Star Trek IX/TOS, McCoy/Chekov: semi-public, silence - Chekov was always getting "hurt." Once McCoy realized why, the young Russian became his favorite patient.

February 10:

-Star Trek: TNG, Data/Geordi: emotion, afterglow (pre-emotion chip) - He had the sensors to feel the pleasure of his touch, but it was difficult for him to understand exactly why what they did left Geordi so sated and... happy. He could only watch his human companion afterward and wonder.

February 11:

-Star Trek IX/TOS, Sulu/Chekov: Plant Sex - I never knew you were this kinky

February 13:

-Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock - Accidental Telepathic Bond - All those nights I'd lay in bed/thoughts of you running through my head

February 14:

-Star Trek XI/TOS, Sulu/Chekov: Comfort sex - After the kiss, they couldn't stop, they needed it so much. They'd lost too much.

February 15:

-Star Trek IX/TOS, Sulu/Chekov: Pushy bottom - Sometimes it wasn't entirely clear to either of them who was dominating in their love-making.
-Star Trek TOS; Spock/Chappel: Comfort in a time of need: You need this.

February 21:

-Crossover: Star Trek: TNG/Firefly, Troi/River: teacher/student, healing, belonging - None of them knew how they'd managed to cross into another universe--one with real aliens, no less!--but they had what River needed to heal, and that was all Simon cared about.

February 26:

-Star Trek IX/TOS, Sulu/Chekov: frottage, cocks rubbing together - They were both a little hesitant to go further than this.

February 27:

-Star Trek IX/TOS, Sulu/Chekov: pillow-biting - They'd never gone quite this far before.
-Star Trek: The Original Series/Reboot, Spock/Kirk - Jim's regressed to age 15 and isn't quite as in-control of his emotions, temper or his level of flirtation as his older self. Spock ends up as both a victim to little!Jim and as the person the crew chooses to do damage control (underage sex, pent up teenage rage, Jim pulls pranks on crew-members and gets along with Chekov, Spock Prime, long awkward moments that Spock and Jim end with nonchalant one-liners, Jim flirts and fights with whoever he wants to. Somehow or another he returns to his real age.) - I make stripes look good.

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